At Cloak and Cover, located in beautiful Wyoming, our American-German heritage fuels our dedication to protecting businesses’ intellectual property across all online marketplaces. We confront fraudulent activities on platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Shopee and many others, making IP protection accessible to all businesses.

Our mission marries the boundless opportunities of the U.S. with the meticulous precision of German culture, all while reflecting the pioneering essence of Wyoming. We are committed to cultivating a just and legal online retail landscape worldwide, one that is rooted in trust and integrity. At Cloak and Cover, our focus extends beyond mere enforcement of rights, we are dedicated to nurturing marketplaces where fairness and innovation flourish together.

Transparent, Understandable & Effective Protection

At Cloak and Cover, we set ourselves apart from the competition by offering process that is not only transparent, but easy to understand. While our competitors often portray intellectual property protection as a complex and intricate process, we are dedicated to make it easy and accessible to our clients. We believe in showing you our process instead of inflating our results.

Building Long-lasting Relationships through Honesty & Trust

Our commitment to transparency and simplicity ensures that our clients are always informed and involved throughout our entire partnership. We believe in building close, long-lasting relationships with our clients grounded in honesty and trust. By partnering with Cloak and Cover, you can focus on growing your business while knowing that your intellectual property is in good hands.

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Cloak & Cover

While most other providers rely on automated search engine-based methods, our human-based search strategy offers a level of nuance and accuracy that algorithms can’t match. Our dedicated team acts as the first line of defense, expertly identifying and addressing potential threats to your brand.

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